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Motorcycle Safety

Monday, October 15, 2007
As I noted earlier, I'm in the process of becoming an instructor for TEAM OREGON. Well, I've now graduated from the apprentice level to the intern level, which means that I'll a) no longer have a mentor helping me out over my shoulder, and b) I'll start getting paid for working, which will be nice.

One of the instructors sent us a link to an article in the New York Times entitled Motorcycle School: Be Very Afraid. (You may have to register to read it.) It's an interesting article about a journalist going through the motorcycle safety class in New York.

There are differences between the curriculum in New York and the one here in Oregon. As far as I understand, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is responsible for the courses throughout most of the US - the basic course is called the "Basic Rider Course". In Oregon, we've developed our own curriculum, and we call the basic course the "Basic Rider Training". It similar in concept, slightly different in execution, and all designed with one purpose in mind: to educate people interested in motorcycling on their basic operation and the safety habits that need to be developed.

Curriculum differences aside, I highly recommend the class for ANYBODY remotely interested in motorcycle. Here in Oregon we provide the helmets and motorcycles (I can't speak for other states) and you get a chance to figure out if you really want to ride - and an opportunity to learn on a bike that you don't have to fix.

Take it, if you can!


Blogger Julien Chambers said...

Took it... I definitely would encourage others to do the same. It was the best $130 or so I ever spent.

Now I just need a decent motorcycle to ride. :)

5:06 PM, October 23, 2007  
Blogger Burton said...

I think the cost for the BRT is up to about $180 now, but still worth it. :)

9:11 PM, October 24, 2007  

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