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New Music

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
One thing I'm bad at (at least personally) is expanding my own horizons. I love to experience new things, I'm just not good sometimes at seeking those new things out on my own. That's why I try to surround myself with different kinds of people who are interested in a variety of things: it exposes me to experiences I would not have otherwise have.

Take music, for instance. An old friend of mine that I've somewhat lost contact with is really into music. (Check them out: Monkey Farm Frankenstein) One thing I always liked was that he and I had very similar tastes in music and I'd frequently get mix tapes from him that would expose me to a band or genre I'd not heard of before. However, since we don't talk much anymore, that's lost to me.

Enter iTunes. I've bought plenty of songs off the iTunes music store, but what I look forward to every week is "new music Tuesdays." Every Tuesday I get an email from Apple highlighting new artists. And - most special of all - there's a link to the iTunes Music Store's free download of the week. That's right: every week I get a new free song. I'll be honest, 3 out of 4 times, this music is garbage. But that other time? It's awesome. Some of my favorite songs lately have been free from them.

Then, after a bit of looking around one day I realized that Apple doesn't give away just one free song every week - it's usually two or three! There's the normal free download, but there's also the Latino download of the week and sometimes there's the "discovery download" - a new artist waiting to be discovered. So now I head here every week to see them all listed. It's a great way to expose myself to new music, and I love it!


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