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The 2008 Election

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
So campaigning has already begun for the 2008 season. From Senators Obama and Clinton to Senator McCain and former NYC mayor Giuliani, the field is already opening up - and the seasonal humor too. When giving his acceptance speech for his film A Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore even almost announced his candidacy - until the band ushered him off.

But it seems there's a third party candidate running, one who might steal even my vote. Kryptonian evil-genius General Zod has thrown his hat into the ring. You might remember his last attempt at power; this time his efforts have actual legitimacy, it appears. Who could oppose him?

(In all fairness, I came across this awesome link from a webcomic I started reading a couple months ago: Sheldon. If you haven't read it before, I suggest starting at the very beginning and make sure you're not eating or drinking while trying to catch up!)


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