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On a more personal note...

Monday, July 10, 2006
I'm going to start by saying that I don't like talking about myself here. I'll make vague references to my life but - for the most part - I try to shy away from talking about me because I've always felt it's a little pretentious. However, I'm going to depart from that philosophy for a moment.

I want to talk about my girlfriend. Her name is Melanie and I've been in love with her for quite some time. She's fantastic in all sorts of ways that I'm not. For instance:
  • I have absolutely no decorating sense (beyond shades of black) - she's capable of making a place comfortable and welcoming to be in. Perhaps her feng shui is better than mine?
  • She has a smile that can stop stop my heart.
  • She's managed to raise - by herself - the most wonderful, brightest, and by far the most capable seven-year old girl I've ever met.
  • My mother has always said that the secret to success is having "a strong plan B". Melanie is great at not only coming up with a plan B, but a plans C and D as well - and moving from one to the next without a hitch.
  • She views things in a different way than I do, bringing depth to our mutual perspective.
  • And last, she's my brown-eyed girl.
I'm posting this as an effort to bring her more into my life. Pretty much everyone out there KNOWS I have a girlfriend, but few folks have met her. Why? Lots of reasons. After my divorce it was hard to bring someone new in... and then it was hard to break that inertia. I'm a very private person (to the shock of many, I know) and I'm kind of weird, too. So this is to say this this post is an attempt at making right some previous wrongs and trying to march forward to a different tune. Will it work? We'll see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh honey...I love you! My new song is dedicated to you! Thank you for being so sweet!

5:54 PM, July 10, 2006  

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