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A local gem or "Support your local charity"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
One of the things I did on my (extraordinarily rare) mini vacation was visit (by invitation) The Old Library Studio (housed in part of what used to be the Hollywood branch of the Multnomah County Library). On Sunday they had a showing of a documentary called "Noise in the Library", which shows off what the Old Library Studio does.

What does it do? According to their web page:
It is the mission of The Old Library Studio to maintain a safe arts-education center where teens can learn to use technology as a tool to explore their musical creativity. At The Old Library Studio the needs of growing musicians and composers are met by a community of creative mentors.
In plain English it means they're a musical studio dedicated to giving young musicians an area in which to study, understand, and creatively use production equipment and the technology surrounding it. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I saw this documentary (made by one of the young students who studies there) and was quite impressed. So I call on my reader (er... readers) to think about supporting this local gem in any way you can. They do good.


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