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Data Management

Friday, April 14, 2006
So I'm moving. I hate moving.

However, as I was taking apart my computer stuff, I got to thinking. I have well over 300 gigabytes of storage space among my various computers; I'm nowhere close to filling it up. I do have a lot of stuff (over 100 gigabytes worth of data), but how much of it is useful? Is it more economical for me to just keep adding space, or would I be well served by taking some time to really trim out the stuff I don't need?

I was listening to public radio tonight and I heard the tail end of an piece on the price of natural gas. One idea that was tossed around was searching for more natural gas deposits around the US. However, in Wisconin they're talking about reducing demand instead. It's the idea of managing what's there versus simply expanding supply to meet demand.

And every year this topic comes up when talking about energy conversation. Much talk is made about increasing generation capacity (because we've got more people and are using more and more energy) but they also talk about ways to more efficiently use the energy we already have. It's data management applied to a different industry.

Anyway, this is not news to some. It just popped in my head earlier and I finally made the mental data management connection.


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