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The end of times

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
The end of times is upon us, as Apple (the world's trendiest computer company) has actually released official support for running Windows on a Mac. (This announcement from Apple comes shortly after third party developers succeeded in putting Windows on a Mac themselves.)

It was discovered - shortly after Apple jumped to using Intel chips - that the fastest Windows laptop was actually a Mac. This surprises no one, of course, since Apple's long been known for making high-quality (but very expensive) hardware.

This whole thing strikes me as funny because for years people have been clamoring for Apple to license the Mac OS to third-party vendors so they could make Mac clones (again). I believe that Mac OS X is a fine product, but it's not a money-maker for Apple. They'll sell it as an upgrade, but they otherwise bundle it free with every Mac they sell - and they make the money off the hardware. (Much like they make a ton of money off the iPod.)

If Apple wants to make a ton of money strictly on hardware sales, that's fine. The stock market seems to think that's a good idea. The problem is that Windows is not - in my humble opinion - a great product and the excellent user experience of the Macintosh is partially related to the simple and easy-to-use Mac OS. I hope that the negative experiences of MacWindows users don't reflect on the Mac itself.


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