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Movie Review: King Kong

Sunday, April 02, 2006
So a friend and I rented Peter Jackson's King Kong this weekend. The movie is, of course, a tale about a movie crew going to an island to film a movie and encountering a giant gorilla (to whom the lead actress is offered as sacrifice). She immediately sees the gentleness in him but the crew captures him, takes him back to NYC, and displays him where he escapes and climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and is shot and killed.

Without spoiling anything, the build-up to the humans capturing Kong and displaying him before the world before he escapes and we kill him was long and perhaps over-done. Legend has it that there's a scene in the original where Kong knocks a bunch of guys off a log into a ravine filled with giant spiders. That was, apparently, cut back in 1933 due to poor audience reaction. Well, Peter Jackson decided to put the scene in this version and it didn't really need to be there.

What's my primary gripe about this movie? Weighing in at just over 3 hours long, this movie is tough to watch in just one sitting. It's just plain LONG. I'm not going to say it's as bad as The Patriot, which could have easily lost an hour, but King Kong could have been a 2.5 hour movie and no one would have been sad.

Final word on King Kong: Rent it when you have plenty of time on your hands


Blogger Sacre said...

Yeah, I though the opening sequence was long and not cool, and it could've easily been shorter. King Kong was the only movie I watched in an American theater in three years, and I made the mistake of buying a 44 oz. bladder-buster of Sprite.
You know what movie was really long? Godzilla. It should've been about five minutes long and used as a lead-in to a Jurrassic Park DVD.

1:17 AM, April 03, 2006  
Blogger Julien Chambers said...

I agree that it's a long movie, but out of all the remakes this is the only one that really stayed true to the original production. I loved that Peter Jackson even went as far as giving the movie's opening titles the same (albeit modernized) style as the original 1938 production. The real show stopper was Kong himself. This is the first time I've seen a movie where using CGI actually enhanced the experience instead of making the film look unwieldy. I loved that Kong had emotions, and they were able to portray those emotions in ways never before possible.

So, long story short... great movie, definitely worth sitting through even with the spiders. :)

1:29 PM, April 03, 2006  
Blogger Piter Tomm said...

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