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Rediscovering Forest Park

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Today was the day that I realized that Forest Park was within walking distance of my home. I was thinking about places I could go to hike (such as Multnomah Falls or Tryon Creek State Park) when it occurred to me that there's a 5000+ acre of beautiful park that's just 30 walking minutes away. I checked out a map of the park online and quickly was on my way.

As I was walking across the St. Johns Bridge (the most beautiful bridge in Portland, in my extremely humble opinion) I noticed, for the first time, the vastness and expanse of the park. For being inside the city limits, it blankets the West Hills of Portland in a brilliantly-hued canvas of green canopy.

Looking at a piece of Forest Park

Walking into the park it's easy to forget how close you are to a major metropolitan area. Portland truly has a great parks system, and Forest Park stands at the top of that system, a testament to the importance nature plays in the city's personality. The paths are beautiful, and I hope to be able to explore more of the 40 miles of path that are there.

Inside the park

What took this walk from good to great, though, was the view I noticed on the way down. Just a hundred or so paces into the trail is a lookout where you can get a beautifully framed view of the St. Johns Bridge. I'd love to go back at night sometime, with a real camera (not just the one built into my phone!)

The St. Johns Bridge, seen from Forest Park

So I think it's safe to say that I'll be going back soon.


Anonymous Alex said...

I think that's a trail i mt. bike down. There's like a giant billboard or radar tower looking thing on it. Some really good view's up there. Try wildwood for a nice hike.

12:23 PM, April 21, 2009  

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