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Bailing out The General

Thursday, February 19, 2009
All over the news lately (at least, the news I tend to read) have been stories about the viability plans General Motors (and Chrysler, I guess) submitted to Congress as part of their bailout justification plans.

General Motors

Making GM viable apparently means axing Hummer (no great loss), shedding Saturn (GM's one attempt at making good small cars), and letting the Swedes deal with Saab. Oh, and laying off another 47,000 people. Yup, that's what they'd do with our $30+ billion dollars, and, hey, maybe they'd start repaying it in a few years.

Yeah, right.

Perhaps I'm cynical, but I really don't think that givingloaning GM a ton of money to support their operations is going to teach anybody a lesson. What happens is that people will say, "Oh, we've been doing a piss-poor job of running this company... but it doesn't matter, the taxpayers will support us!" Positive reinforcement for negative behavior is not a good model, I assure you.

So here's the thing: they should give me Rick Wagoner's job. Rick Wagoner, CEO, has been there for a while and, aside from Cadillac's resurgence, I haven't seen much good come from it. So give me the job. I'm much more marketing friendly and financially responsible than anyone I've seen lead General Motors in a long time. I could do an awesome job. Seriously! (Though you may have to pay me more than the $1/year that Mr. Wagoner reportedly makes. I have student loans, you know, and no one's bailing me out of those.)


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