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Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

Monday, February 09, 2009
I saw Quantum of Solace the other night at the McMenamins Mission Theater.

The movie is a follow up Casino Royale and focuses on a hard-edged James Bond and his quest for vengeance - his loved one was killed, and he's chasing down the organization that was ultimately responsible. He meets a gal who is also out for revenge, and they blow lots of stuff up in a wildly exciting fashion. Good times are had by all.

Quantum of Solace

If you at all enjoyed the last Bond movie, Casino Royale, this is an excellent movie to see. It's still just as coherent as the last one (which, of course, stands in direct opposition to the prior 30 years of Bond films), it's packed with action, and it's almost completely free of the campiness that defined Bond films for so many years. 007 has traded that signature smirk for an angry glint in his eye.

I only have one gripe about the movie, and that's that it was often difficult to understand what the actors were saying. Perhaps it's where I sat in the theater (it was pretty full so I was in the back corner) but I felt like many lines were delivered with a solid British mumble, which was slightly distracting. Other than that, though, when the movie was over (less than two hours after it had begun) I was thoroughly satisfied.

Final word on Quantum of Solace? Definitely worth seeing, though probably too late to catch in the theater.


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