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The Process of Natural Selection

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
It so happened that I was driving through a part of Salem yesterday evening when, through the darkness, I saw the headlights of oncoming cars briefly obscured. Squinting through the darkness, I realized that it was a person on a bicycle. Not your normal see-and-be-seen bicyclist, however. This guy was wearing dark clothes, camouflage pants, and was riding a bicycle with no lights or reflectors on it through traffic.

The only thing I could think was, "This guy has poor survival instincts."

However, maybe I am the crazy one. You see, as I was driving somewhere later that night, I happened across someone crossing the road. Of course, I didn't see them right off the bat, but only when I got close enough to have my headlights definitely illuminate them. What was this person wearing? Dark clothes - with camouflage shorts!

My only hope is that these people don't breed, lest the whole of the human race eventually be in danger.


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