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I can't be *my* fault

Sunday, March 16, 2008
I read an excellent article over on CNN.com the other day. Authored by Glenn Beck, it frames the debate - currently underway - about letting Michigan and Florida "re-do" their Democratic primaries in the context of personal responsibility... and it's awesome.

Personal responsibility has always been a core belief of mine. I mean, yeah, it sucks if the man is getting you down and life is just handing you lemons, but do you know who's responsible for your success or failure?

I'll give you a hint: The answer starts with a "Y" and rhymes with "boo".

I like to think that I'm willing to take responsibility for my own actions. I have a big dent in the back of my car that's my own fault. Who's going to fix it? Me. (Well, I would, if it were worth fixing, but that's another story.) I put the dent there and only I am responsible for it. I'm going to owe a well-equipped Mercedes Benz in student loans when I graduate. Who's responsible for paying that off? Me. What happens in my life is largely determined by me and the choices I make - or have made. For those things I've been lucky enough to have handed to me I'm thankful - for everything else, it's only going to happen if I make it.

So that's my personal responsibility rant for today. Thanks for listening.


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