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Movie Review: I am Legend (IMAX)

Friday, December 28, 2007
I also happened to see I am Legend last night at the IMAX. (Among others, The Dude was there and wrote his own review.) I enjoyed the movie, and - having been curious about it - was glad I saw it.

The 30-second plot rundown is this: A virus has caused most of humanity to turn into zombie/vampire-like creatures, who have killed just about everyone who was immune - except for Robert Neville (Will Smith), one of the original scientists working on a cure. He's now living alone in New York City, scavaging during the day, continuing research during the evenings, and trying to stay alive by night - as there are plenty of former humans to keep him company. A glance at the Wikipedia page for the original 1954 novel shows that much was changed for the movie; I'm betting that fans of the book might not enjoy the film so much.

I, however - having not read the book - enjoyed the movie. Seeing it on the IMAX was great since a lot of detail went into the sets, and objects and articles scattered around really set the atmosphere and the background. Since my vision's not so great, I feel like I might have missed some of this on a smaller screen. There are some VERY tense and emotional scenes in the film, too, which were masterfully crafted and acted. However, without revealing the ending I must say that it was... a bit of a let down. C'est la vie.

The film reminded me of the movie Cast Away (a.k.a. the Tom Hanks show) inasmuch as most of the movie is just Will Smith, and all his dialogue is him talking to his dog. Yes, Will Smith does a fantastic job in this movie, much like Tom Hanks did in his.

Final word on I am Legend? Worth seeing, if you're intor that sort of thing. People who don't like tense films and fans of the book might not enjoy it so much, though.


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