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Something that's been bugging me for years

Friday, December 14, 2007
So I like the Aliens movies. The original, Alien, scarred me for many years when I was exposed to it as a young one, but eventually grew to love Aliens, Alien Resurrection (for its own reasons), and, by virtue of proximity, Alien³. (Let us not speak of the Alien vs. Predator abomination.)

That out of the way, and understanding that this is now a gripe that goes back ages...

What the hell happened to the original alien that was in the derelict ship in which the eggs were found in the first movie? I mean, back on good old LV-426, there's this ship with an emergency beacon on that has a gigantic dead alien (literally not human, but not the alien) in it. In the second movie, a couple goes to this spot (like 80 years later), finds another egg, then a bunch of colonists die and we have a great film. The colony nukes itself (the only way to be sure) but I can only assume that this remote site is still intact, still with viable eggs.

A picture of the gigantic alien

Okay, so we skip past the third movie - which is on some prison planet where Ripley dies - and go to the fourth movie where they're cloning her because she's got alien DNA mixed in with her and that's how they can get what they want. Nevermind the fact that, aside from the convenient way to bring her back, there's still eggs laying around on LV-426 and, honestly, these things had to come from somewhere.

Maybe this is handled in some novelization. I don't know - but I'd love to hear about it. Can anybody tell me what that giant alien was and if that site is still there in canonical fiction?

(Note: Edited due to broken image link, now with Wikipedia goodness!)


Blogger Unknown said...

Do you mean the Space Jockey aka Big Dental Patient or The pilot?

or do you want to know more about the Xenomorphs?

there are so many theories on both that honestly, i think it is better not knowing.

but if you want the theories, i'll pass them on.

11:54 PM, December 15, 2007  

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