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Sunday, September 09, 2007
So I am now an apprentice range instructor for TEAM OREGON. This is pretty exciting for me. I get to help shape the minds of young riders who choose to take the Basic Rider Training (BRT).

The BRT breaks down into classroom time and range time - time on the motorcycles. As a range apprentice, I'm only going to be doing sessions on the range (for now.) Furthermore, as an apprentice I'm not paid, since there will be a mentor instructor at my hip for the first few sessions. Once I graduate to "intern" status, I'll be paid as a second instructor (but I can only be paired with certain instructors who are certified mentors.) Finally, I'll be a full range instructor and will most likely see about classroom certification.

Yes, it's a long process. But it's a lot of fun!

I highly recommend the BRT to anyone interested in motorcycling. It's designed for individuals with no riding experience at all. We provide the motorcycles and helmets, and the DMV accepts successfully passing our class as passing their test as will endorse your license successfully when presented with our certificate of completion. It's a great way to determine if motorcycling is something you'd want to do... without having to commit more than about $180 and a weekend. Try it!


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