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Aerial Tram

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
This past weekend I had the opportunity to ride in OHSU Aerial Tram (also known as "Portland's $57 million dollar ski lift".) The view was magnificent as the sky-car ascended! The most fun part is as you pass the single support tower, the car rocks back and forth significantly. But for all the fun, what does it really amount to?

View from the tram
My thoughts on the project:
1) At $4 for an uphill ride, the tram is enormously expensive. (Downhill rides are free.)
2) Parking is extremely limited and very expensive at the base, meaning I'm not paying just $4 for a ticket, but many more dollars to park anywhere nearby.
3) Service is slow and seems useless for getting to anywhere other than OHSU.

The tram and me
Basically, I'm asking: is it worth it? Most definitely not. I don't see the tram as being used by the public as anything more than an expensive novelty, and a cheap lift for the employees who get to ride it for free.


Blogger Unknown said...

dude, just do what everyone else does. take the bus to OHSU and ride down for free..than hop on the street car to get back to downtown. :-) of course when i rode it for work..the "tourists" aka the paying peeps, were riding for the photo ops. sunrise is the best...especially with a low fog on the river.

7:14 PM, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Tăng chiều cao said...


7:57 PM, October 30, 2017  

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