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New Hardware

Monday, July 23, 2007
As my reader(s?) might or might not recall, this little server suffered an irreparable meltdown back in November of 2006. Because I'm awesome and efficient, eight months later (to the day!) I installed a replacement machine, one that will hopefully run well for some time.

Instead of an old Dell with a P3-500 processor running under Fedora Core, this server is now being hosted on a Dell GX270 (small form factor PC) with a P4-1.7 Ghz processor running CentOS and vmware. (I'm using vmware to run the actual web server so that I can have a pre-made backup of it; if something catastrophic happens, I can have something up and running in a relatively short period of time.)

The server's not perfect; there's still some minor tweaks that I have to make. Before closing, though, I have to comment about WordPress (which is the software I use to run my other blog): As nice and awesome as the software is, the installation directions are nine different kinds of terrible (5-minute-install my ass!) and the support forums are filled with relatively unhelpful people. *sigh*


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