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The Beach

Monday, July 09, 2007
Let me first tell you that - despite all appearances - laying around on the beach for several hours is more exhausting than it looks. I mean, just sitting around and enjoying the sun and surf can take it right out of you!

On Saturday, several friends and I hopped in the car and drove out to Lincoln City. Yes, I checked the weather report this time: it called for a sunny high of 70 in the afternoon, which sounded like perfect conditions. We opted to go to Road's End State Recreation Site on the north end of town. We put some blankets down in the sand and prepared to hang out - only to be surprised by the wind. I don't know what typhoon was parked off the Oregon Coast on Saturday, but sand was being embedded in my leg if I stood in the wrong spot! It was only after we piled up some driftwood and moved our blankets to the lee side of that pile that we were finally able to relax. Trying to put on suntan lotion while being covered in sand is not fun; I know I removed several epidermal layers trying to do it!

After a few hours, the wind died down. We were all able to take a walk up the beach, which was very picture-esque. We also tried throwing a Frisbee around. Apparently the wind hadn't quieted THAT much because we could only throw it about 10 feet into the wind before it starting arcing back around. Still, quite a fun time.

Throwing a frisbee around
Another draw of Lincoln City is the Tanger Outlet Mall. It is the only outlet mall on Earth that has both an Old Navy outlet and a Columbia Sportswear outlet. I finally got a chance to shop (in the manliest way possible, of course.) Finally, we had dinner at Mo's, a restaurant known widely for its excellent clam chowder. A bowl of it came with the halibut fish and chips that I indulged in - quite delicious.

Dinner at Mo's
I was pretty tired when I got home, but fortunately I had only the slightest sunburn from a wonderful day in the sun. That's what going to the beach is all about!


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