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Some heroes

Monday, September 04, 2006
On my stupid myspace page I was asked (in the "Interests & Personality" section) about my heroes. Of course, there are lots to be had, but I currently have four that I wanted to briefly talk about.

The first is Isaac Asimov. Well known as one of the most prolific writers ever, Isaac Asmiov had a masterful way of explaining the otherwise unexplainable; that magical talent that only a few have of taking a difficult concept and making it understandable and the world was better for having him in it. Oh, he also wrote some great science fiction.

Second on the list is Steve Jobs, the charismatic and occasionally brilliant CEO of Apple Computer. He's well known for being meticulous, difficult, demanding... and for always having "one more thing" up his sleeve.

Third is Tom Shane (online at ShaneCo.com.) His commercials are a steady tide in an otherwise turbulant world; his droll voice a steady and calming influence on the airwaves on many of our cities. Tom Shane is awesome.

Last on the list is Edward Tufte. You can find out more about him at www.edwardtufte.com. He's "the man" when it comes to information presentation, a skill that's incredibly overlooked and underappreciated. Edward Tufte is to graphs and charts what Isaac Asimov was to words; the cryptologist that breaks down the codes for everyone else to understand. Check him out!

So there are some heroes for today - people to look up to, admire, or just find interesting. ...or maybe I just wanted to update this blog, and was looking for a reason.


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