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Fallout Shelter

Sunday, August 06, 2006
Move weekend is over. Thanks to some wonderful, helpful, friends and family (plus several more not linked to) I was able to move from my storage unit to my new apartment in Salem in under two and a half hours, a big change from my last moving experience.

So my new efficiency studio is... interesting. For the price, it can't be beat, but there's still some interesting quircks to it. The postives to the place vastly outwiegh the negatives, though. The rent is relatively inexpensive, I'm like 8 blocks from school, 9 blocks from downtown, 5 blocks from the grocery store, and I'm on the 6th floor with a bit of a northward view! However, the building is full of lonely octogenarians who like to chat, so that'll be a challenge. It's also a fallout shelter, I understand (being constructed of poured concrete) with a capacity for 710 people.

My new place is kinda tiny. I think it's all of about 360 square feet or so, with a "kitchenette" that hides nicely behind two doors, a bathroom, a walk-in closed, and the "big room", where my bed, desk, couch, bookshelves, and everything else go. It's small, but in some ways it feels very liberating to take up less space and have less stuff needing my attention.

And when the bombs fall, I guess I'll have a place to hide.


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