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I Quit World of Warcraft

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Today, I canceled my subscription to World of Warcraft. You, my dear reader(s?) may remember that I was signed up to play last September. I've played, I've experienced.... and now I've quit.

My reasons for stopping are many, but the two main ones are:
  1. Now that I'm in grad school, I don't have time to play.
  2. I stopped having fun.
But there is more, for anyone who's interested.

First off, the most fun I had in the game was in the PvP battlegrounds (PvP, by the way, stands for "Player Versus Player"). I enjoyed it and wasn't actually that bad at it. It's a competition, though. You're competing against everyone else on your team to get the most points so hopefully you can gain another rank to get better gear. I didn't have the time to compete, so I wasn't ever going to get there. Then Blizzard went and released patch 1.12 which just messed it up further.

Secondly, there's not much to do at 60. I mean, sure, you can raid. That's where you get 20 or 40 of people together and go kill some stupidly impossible guy hidden in a boring cave. And then you get to do it 1,200,232,102 more times because there's a 1% chance he might drop the thing you're looking for (if and when you kill him) - and you'd better hope no one else wants it. Raiding also takes large blocks of time, since you have to coordinate the schedules of 20 or 40 people. So, since I had no blocks of time, I was (quite contentedly) doing PvP.

Third, the game is a time-sink. It's freely admitted that the whole idea is to lock you into spending more and more hours playing the game... and that means you're doing the same boring, monotonous tasks over and over and over and over again for some slight reward. Yes, there's a reward. No, it's never easy to get.

Then there's the server transfers. Kind of like a bunch of Californians getting rich and then moving to Oregon, it's the same deal.

The game stinks and the plans for the future only seem to centered around "pretty much the same, but more of it." With the imminent release of an expansion for the game, the developers have stopped fixing problems in the game with the (horrible) attitude of "we'll just fix it in the expansion." Well, this guy isn't going to subscribe to that anymore.

Yes, Blizzard, I played your game. And the game you set up has just lost one subscriber.

What will I do with myself now?


Blogger mallardking said...

Sir, I agree with everyone of your points except the Battlegrounds. Blizzard is a horrible company now and so is World of Warcraft, but Battlegrounds are initially a little fun, but not really.

Competition is not what the Honor system is, it's just who can spend hours on an epic-geared team and sit in a bg and duel eachother... now, Blizzard even copied Dark Age of Camelot exactly on their same concept, it's not innovative or cool, they just made it easily farmable.

Good job on quitting, though, I wish there were more like you.

7:24 PM, August 30, 2006  
Blogger Arlique said...

I, too, joined last September, and have had a regular riot. I've never been in a Battleground, since that type of competition doesn't interest me. I've made level 60 (more than once) and never run out of entertaining things to do.

But you're definitely right about the difficulty of co-ordinating a large raid. You could also have mentioned that you need to be a member of an exclusive (as in one which excludes) guild to get the best shot at the "end-game" adventuring and loot.

I have had so much fun that I started a WoW website - I now spend most of my gaming time "working" - looking for answers to questions that the many other WoW websites don't answer. But I'm STILL having fun!

Hope you find another passtime more to your liking!

the Giddy Gamer www.giddygamer.com

3:27 PM, September 01, 2006  
Blogger V said...

I too quit WoW. But it was because my account was locked (hackers). Right before quitting, I realized that the only "beating the game" was that in creating a twink, which is what I did before my account got locked. Now I have school (junior year lol), and I am still trying to break the habit.

9:18 AM, September 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quit WoW a few weeks ago and cancelled my subscription today and DAMN did it feel good. I get to live a bit of RL now, whatever that is...?

Anyways, you need to play about 50+ hours / week to keep up with the "best" in this game and I am at a point in my life where I can't afford to spend that much time on a game.

It was fun while it lasted, but now its over and I feel like a new man.

12:49 AM, September 17, 2006  
Blogger Unknown said...

I just sent my cancelation notice to Blizzard today. My account was hacked & looted and when I noticed it I immediately notified Blizzard. What does Blizzard do? They blame me and accused/convicted me of participating in the whole action. I am tired of trying to fight with a system set up to protect the assailants than assist the victims.

Good riddance to World of Warcraft. Time to dust off the old console game and start playing again.

11:38 AM, March 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 15 years old, I've been playing like 2 years. it started with about 4 hours per day, but now i play all the time, i play whenever i can. and if i'm not home i'm thinking of how much honor or what level i could have got of i were home playing. atm i have four level 70, a night elf priest, a draenei shaman, a dwarf warrior, a draenei hunter and a bunch of around level 40 chars. All on the same realm.
Actually i feel kinda bored when i play, but i totally lost my fantasy to do something else.
i know if i delete all my characters i am going to start after a 1 month time again at level 1.
my grades a school are bad. but the was good before i got addicted.
If my mum and dad wont let me play or cut hte power or something i use violence.
It's terrible cause we never stop fighting.
I know i should do some homework for my feauture but i never do it cause i just drawn into the game.
and without wow i loose alot of ingame friends and people i know at school playing wow, without wow i feel like nothing.
Please help me!! btw, i'm from Norway

1:33 PM, February 28, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the anonym guy

1:34 PM, February 28, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just quit recently, ended my subscription today... im 14 years old, i started playing wow a year ago... i started just a little bit a day then it got to the point wher i was addicted, i had to play in my free time that was what i thouhgt of... Before playing i was verry smart, got 90s and 100s in school... then my grades started to fall because i didnt want to do homework. I feel like a differnt person.
part of the reason i quit is also because of the failing econemy. And i just lost intrest, i loved pvp but getting charecters to a high lvl is just a pain, and then thers Oblivion....
It feels weird, i cant wait till summer when i can realy feel what its like to discover new places... and meet real peaple.
And, for the last time i will say.

Retired Horde plaladin and deathknight

4:20 PM, February 02, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Eugene, Oregon and just tought to look up reasons others quit WOW. Here are mine:

I realized that after I changed servers last year the type of people I disliked so much for being elitists snobs and over geared was actually my own self.

In order to feel like I was important I had to run the instances, get the achievements and have the tier gear that was tops. With no one to admire me or show off for the game was empty. In a guild "eve of destruction" with over 260 players I realized that even the guild master had not logged in for over 28 days, only I was left. My alt had a guild given to him and no one was in it and that was with a 4 slot bank tab.
Today I rolled a perfect 100 on a purple item that was not really anything to write home about and the raid leader handed it to someone who rolled 99. This annoyed me something dreadful and the anger about it drew my attention to the fact that the game was getting to me.
With 3 level 80s with 2 having elite flying and gears I have become attached to a cartoon and not bothered to do art, write, build my web pages or communicate in a natural manner.

The brain chemistry changes from the stimuli-response-endorphin rush had began to control me, something I will NOT allow alchohol, drugs or oher people to do.
Then today I saw the 10,000Th noob shouting for guild siggys and it hit me what a waste of time this is. After i shut the game down for the last time I found myself really wanting to log back in and the idea hit me: I am DONE. And NO ONE in the game will miss me and I will never be called crap for "Fail" or blamed for a loss in a run or stand by while it happens to others as I have done repeatedly.
ALL the players and I mean ALL of them from over two years ago are LONG gone. Now I am with them and deleting the game from my hard drive. This is the 10th year for online MMORPG for me and the last.

I wasted hundreds and thousands of hours on mindless repetition in every game from ragnarok online to WOW. At 10$ a month average that is $120.00 a year times 10. I laugh at the poor idiots smoking and hooked but I am NO better when I cannot control my own time.

The deal is for me that if I am going to play I want to be at the top or near to it and that is simply impossible as the rules change constantly with new items and so forth. I will NOT be substituting another online game as I KNOW I have an addictive personality.
I hope everyone reading this understands there is a reason why the games are so hard to stop playing, and that they can be in control over whether they log in.
Good luck!

9:49 PM, January 31, 2010  

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