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A Fifths Party

Sunday, September 24, 2006
So, being the responsible college student that I now am, I was invited by my brother to go down to Eugene for a "Fifths Party". The idea behind this is that everyone brings a fifth of alcohol to a party and you mix the drinks from there. Not everyone HAS to bring a fifth, of course... some people can bring mixers. The party host generally provides the plastic drinking cups and ice. Such was the case last night, at least...

A collegiate amount of alcohol
I spent Friday night at the beach and, Saturday afternoon, I received a txt message that said "That fifths party is tonight." Being almost broke I decided to spend my last dollars on gas to get the heck down there. Three and a half hours (and 170 miles) later, I'm pulling into my brother's place in Eugene. Yes, I should have been studying but I've been pretty bummed out lately and I wanted to have fun.

My brother and I (and two of his friends) went over to pick up another friend and his friend's girlfriend. The six of us then cruised over to some sleepy house a couple miles away and descended upon some sleepy house like the Devil visiting Georgia. As it turns out, nobody at this party actually lived at the house; the guy who DID live there said we could have it at his place, but he wasn't going to be around (and, we found out, hadn't told his roommates about it.) Nevertheless, we managed to hold a party.

There were about a dozen or so of us there, with people wandering in and out all night. I met some of my brother's friends and engaged in interesting conversations, all while getting far more drunk than I'd planned. What a great party! The hours flew by without me even noticing!

Post-party at (I'm thinking) around 1:30 AM, my brother, his friend, his friend's girlfriend and I (the other two friends that we'd shown up with had left earlier, taking their cars with them) walked over to a place called Muchas Gracias, a 24-hour Mexican food join and proceeded to unwisely devour a few plates of "Carne Asada Chips" (basically nachos) and then head to his friends place, where (for lack of anything better to do) his friend and I watched an episode of the Simpsons while my brother and his friend's girlfriend kinda passed out on the other side of the room.

Yes, folks, you read that correctly. I was not the first person to fall asleep that night!

Eventually we all made it home safely. Of course, when the morning-time came around I had a nice little headache and some dehydration going... and let's not mention the carne asada chips, all right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! i dont know if i can believe that. being up past 1am and not being the first to go to bed after a night of drinking? did hell freeze? or did i just enter the twilight zone again?

i am in shock...but i'll get over it


11:21 PM, September 28, 2006  

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