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Monday, September 18, 2006
A quick announcement:

It was one leap year ago (no, 2006 isn't a leap year) that I started this little blog of walkingsaint.com with the traditional first post.

Since then I've talked about politics, love, anger, traffic, food, movies, politics, the government, and a lot more. Do I enjoy this? Yes, I do. I've seen the number of hits my blog has gotten grow to over 200 visits a day (I'm thinking that counts web-crawling bots, though.) I can now be found on the first page of google just by punching in my name. I get to write and express myself which is, I believe, valuable. If anyone else values it that's just icing on the cake.

What should we expect in the future? Well, I've already spun off one blog, I've covered most topics I can think of, I've offended just about everyone I know... I'm running out of new ground to explore. But I'm sure I'll find something new soon.

Stay tuned, folks... it's only gonna get better!


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