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Movie Review: Good Night, and Good Luck

Sunday, October 16, 2005
Mike and I saw the movie Good Night, and Good Luck today. It's the story of the battle newsman Edward R. Murrow who, while working for CBS in the 1950's used television as a format to strike back at Senator Joseph McCarthy during the "Red Scare"

The movie is very well done and shows us today a time where integrity was certainly more of an issue in the media that it is now, where the media several factions divided and often played against each other. The movie reminds us what a powerful democratic tool a skeptical and wary media can be in keeping the government in check. For this reason I recommend that everyone view this movie.

Technically speaking, I have to say that George Clooney seems to have borrowed a lot from the Steven Soderbergh School of Directing with discontinuous video/voice and major plot points shown rather than explained. Steven Soderbergh has made some very good films (except for Ocean's Twelve!) but his directoral style is not one I'd like to see emulated.

Final word on Good Night, and Good Luck: See it. You'll be a better American for it.


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