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Evil Dead: The Musical

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Upon hearing the news that "Evil Dead: The Musical" was going to be playing in Portland, I was immediately struck by two thoughts. First: "How did I not know that they made a musical based on Evil Dead?", and then: "How did I not hear that it was going to be in Portland EARLIER?!?" Of course, I immediately bought tickets.

Thanks to Icons of Fright for hosting this image!

The plot was a mashup of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II, with a bunch of lines and the ending of the theatrical version of Army of Darkness grafted onto it. Oh, and a bunch of musical numbers sprinkled throughout with titles like "What The #@%^! Was That?" and "All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons". The songs were humorous, often accompanied by sexually suggestive dancing. Quite fun, in concept.

There was, however, a downside to the show, and that was in the production quality. While recognizing that I'm going to see a musical based off the "Evil Dead" series, which is (in)famous for its production quality, I guess I was expecting a campy show that was done well. What I got was something else.

Without sounding like I'm complaining, I like it when shows start reasonably on-time, versus 20 minutes or so late. I like it when I can hear all the performers singing. I like it when the performers remember to turn on their microphones versusu coming in after an unneeded and unpleasant intermission with it off. I like it when the set transistions are reasonably quick, instead of detracting from any sort of pacing and taking an inconsistent number of trips off-stage by the technical crew.

Those are my technical complaints. Also, there was an intermission halfway through that seemed quite unnecessary and didn't need to be 25 minutes long. A long intermission gave the audience more time to hit the bar and get liquored up, leading to more talking and drama by the audience that detracted from the show. The acting and singing wasn't done with any particular enthusiasm or sense of timing.

Of course, I don't want to overlook the good parts of the show. I was smart enough to get tickets in the "non-splatter" seating section (when was the last time THAT was a choice at a musical?) but it was tons of fun watching the crew spray fake blood at the splatter zone during particularly gory scenes. The creativity of the songs was also quite good and, in the production, the actresses portraying Cheryl and Annie stood out among the rest.

In the end, did I enjoy it? Yes, I think anyone my age who enjoyed the movies would. But given the unpleasant crowd, the poor technical production quality, and the long time I had to spend listening to music other than that coming from the musical I was there to see, I can definitely say that it wasn't worth the high price of admission.

So now you know.


Blogger Jenny said...

I'm so bummed the production quality was poor! The show we saw was really well done (and had great ambiance in the small, gold rush-era theater that sat only 40).

3:04 PM, January 13, 2012  
Anonymous Deadite Fan said...

I really enjoyed the Ed too!

9:02 PM, January 15, 2012  
Anonymous Lee said...

man, i agree with you about the tech issues the sound was bad during the saturday show I was at sometimes it was on sometimes it wasn't. somebody said the actors mics got wet from the buckets of blood was why.

cast was great though got pictures with them after the show and some of those girls were dynamite! and buckets of blood!!! that was awesome i got soaked.

10:48 AM, January 16, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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