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Vera Hannigan, 1932-2011

Monday, November 21, 2011
I've written about my grandma's health as recently as August. In September, my grandmother, Vera Hannigan, passed away after a multi-year fight with cancer.

my grandma, Vera Hanngian, on a horse in her youth

She's inurned at Arlington National Cemetery along with her husband, John Hannigan. Her obituary can be found here.

Grandma will be missed. She was a strong, accomplished woman. I helped my family collect photos and important pieces of her life from her house after the funeral; there were photos of her time in the White House under Gerald Ford, there was a framed copy of a congressional bill she helped push through that protected lands in Utah, and there were pictures of every Republican president for the last 40 years, signed "Dear Vera..." Grandma knew her way around politics.

Per her wishes, there were benches constructed on a lakeside path in Reston, VA, near the Lake Anne Plaza Shopping Center. The two benches face each other; one has her name on it, the other has her husband's. It's a touching memorial to a woman who should - and will be - remembered.


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