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Trek in the Park: Mirror, Mirror

Saturday, July 23, 2011
This past weekend I was finally able to see this year's Trek in the Park. This was my second year attending the free live production at Woodlawn Park. I'd actually tried to go last week, but the amphitheater at the park is quite small intimate and, only arriving an hour and 40 minutes early, I was unable to find decent seating. This time I showed up two and a half hours ahead of the 5:00 PM start.

The Trek In the Park program

The presentation is fantastic. In my mind, it starts with the fact that the techies were even wearing the red shirts with the engineering emblems on them while putting the set together, and from there it stays high. It's fun watching the crew "transport", which, in this episode, consisted of them standing really still with the techies changed the scenery and three gals in glittery-gold dresses walked around them in circles, adjusting the crew members' uniforms. It's that analog presentation of a special effect that the whole crowd appreciates.

And the crowd does appreciate it. It seems even busier this year than last year. I even talked with a guy who flew up from the bay area for this! And the whole thing is a seating arms race. The people in the back (behind the presentation, where it's very hard to hear) vow to get here earlier, and the people in the front realize this so they vow to get here even earlier as well. Something will surely have to give at some point.

Kirk giving a speech

"Mirror, Mirror" is a fun episode. Listening to parallel-universe Kirk cry "WHERE'S YOUR BEARD???" at Spock was fantastic. Watching Chekov's team jump Kirk, then pause while Kirk delivers the Captain's Log was very well done; not only were the fight scenes surprisingly well performed, but the lines were delivered with very true inflection. And the actors are kind enough, in an outdoor amphitheater, to pause while a jet flies overhead or a passing car can't turn down its stereo.

In the end, I've never been in a crowd that sported so few biceps and so many sandals worn with socks, but... these were my people. Seeing the performance was fantastic, but seeing it with a group of people enthusiastic to see it made it even better. Will I be there next year? Yes, and I'll show up even earlier!


Anonymous Denise said...

I should've known you would be a trekkie too. Mah na ma nah!

4:11 PM, August 12, 2011  
Blogger Danny said...

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