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Fare thee well, Camino

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Last November I wrote a post called "Competition" about competition in the web browser space and how those of us who care about those sorts of things are enjoying a golden age as the results of that competition reach us. However, in every competition, there are winners and losers. Sometimes you're not cheering for the best competitor but for the one you can connect with. In this case, my favorite was always Camino, and the competition has, unfortunately, not been kind to them.

Camino logo from Wikipedia

Camino is a browser that's built on some of the same foundational components that underpin Firefox. Camino takes those components and wraps a pleasant, well-built, Mac OS X-native shell around them and the result is a fast, stable, Mac-friendly browser. People who use it LOVE it.

Unfortunately, Camino was a lot of work for the developers, all of whom were volunteers, and the work it took to make the browser work grew faster than the development team. Then, the news hit: those Firefox parts that were used weren't going to be supported any more. To use a car analogy, it's as if the Lotus team were told by Toyota that they wouldn't be able to get engines for the Elise any more.

While there's talk of using the underpinnings from Safari, Apple's own browser, it's still just an idea that's being bandied about. My preference will likely shift to using Google Chrome as I like the JavaScript performance; as browsers go I see it as the top performer. Still, Camino was a favorite and it'll be missed as time marches on.


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