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Movie Review: Megamind

Monday, January 17, 2011
This past weekend I was invited to go see the Dreamworks film Megamind at the St. Johns Theater Pub.

The premise of the film is simple: what if supervillain Megamind (voiced by Will Farrell) managed to kill his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt)? To put it in a more philosophical way, would the absence of a good force remove the evil in Megamind? Would the rise of another villain push Megamind toward the side of good?

Megamind poster, thanks to MyNewMovies.net

The answer to all these questions is "yes". Throughout this clever film, with dialogue that had me laughing at an theater-inappropriate volume, we see Megamind and a host of other characters switch from evil to good or from good to evil.

It's a fun tale and it's well executed. Dreamworks did a good job. Of course, it's not as good as a Pixar film. It just doesn't have the intellectual depth or quite the layers of humor that Pixar films generally have. Still, it's a darn good film and I recommend it.

Final word on Megamind? Hysterical. Funny, funny, funny, and if you can't catch it as a second run, it's definitely worth renting.


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