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Monday, July 14, 2008
Starbucks, back on July 1st, announced that it was going to close 600 stores in the United States. Apparently, the first wave of closures has been decided upon and the list has been published. Now, while there are a lot of SBUX haters in the world, I am not among them, and I'm pleased to announce the followed:

We were spared! (This time, at least.)

In the first round of closures, the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) have precisely ZERO stores on the list. Poor California, however, tops the list at eight stores... but their population is, of course, much higher than all three of our states combined.

What this means is that, for those of us here in the Pacific Northwest, we won't have to adjust our lives. Of course, in Salem, the only two Starbucks locations in downtown are on the same block, but still...


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