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Movie Review: The Dark Knight

Monday, July 21, 2008
My girlfriend and I saw The Dark Knight this weekend. We both loved it.

The movie was, to borrow a cliche, dark and gritty. Like its predecessor, Batman Begins, it deals with a much less kid-friendly Batman. This is a Batman who will break all the rules, save one: He won't kill. But he'll beat information out of a someone, he'll kidnap a fugitive safe from extradition, and he'll knock out a SWAT team to stop them from accidentally shooting hostages. Batman will do what it takes to fight the bad guys, with little regard for laws. Is he right in doing so?

Heath Ledger brings a depth to his psychopathic portrayal of the Joker. He is, as he comments in the movie, "chaos". His performance is excellent - you really forget that it's Heath Ledger under the makeup, and he is a pleasure. Aaron Eckhart does a fantastic job (as usual) as Harvey Dent, and as a broken "Two-Face". He has a realism of his character - a man who's had everything taken from him, a man who has lost the vision of the rules and laws he once cherished. Gary Oldman is fantastic as Lieutenant Gordon, Maggie Gyllenhaal does a great job as Rachel Dawes, and both Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman bring their usual excellence with them as Alfred and Lucious Fox, respectively. In essence, the acting is superb.

If I had to have one gripe about this movie, it's the lack of Christian Bale. He's a charismatic actor and a pleasure to watch on the screen. We get plenty of Batman, with a voice hoarsened to avoid recognition, but tragically little of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. It's the voice that grates on me. Still, it's forgivable - but I'd like to see more of Bruce Wayne at some point.

Final word on The Dark Knight? See it in the theaters... it's worth it.


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