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Salem World Beat Festival

Saturday, June 30, 2007
This weekend is the weekend of Salem's World Beat Festival. I went today because I'm busy tomorrow. Admission was a suggested donation of $3 which - being a poor college boy - I didn't do.

Maybe it was the hour at which I went (6 o'clock-ish) or the fact that the day was fantastically beautiful so everyone was somewhere else (not at the riverfront park?) but the place seemed relatively empty. I mean, there were people milling about but the overall energy of the crowd seemed low. I don't know. I did get some ice cream there (strawberry, just to be different) and that was pretty good.

Salem World Beat Festival

Honestly, there's wasn't much to see today. There was some live music and dancing, but it just was difficult to get engaged. I wish I could go tomorrow to see the dragon boat racing, but (alas) I cannot. Oh well, now I know.


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