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"Things I'll Never Get to Do"

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Over on Autoweek.com there's an little article stub about a reality series on the Speed Channel. No, they're not dumping a handful of idiots on an island with no survival gear, nor are they putting a handful of mis-matched washed-up celebrities in a house and having them live together. They're having 10 drivers race Pontiac Solstices for a $100,000 prize... and a chance to really race at the Pro level.

I could do that.

Well, I'm not sure I could win (though I'm sure that with some practice I could give 'em a run for their money) but I would one day love to have a chance to do this sort of thing. "Hey, Burton... here's a brand new sports car. Go out there and show us what you've got."

Tragically, as it stands, I'm probably not on anyone's list for an invite. But one day... one day, it'll happen.


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