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Silver Falls

Saturday, April 07, 2007
I seized the opportunity yesterday and took advantage of the great weather. A friend and I put off all responsibilities and went out to Silver Falls for a hike. It's about a 45 minute drive east of Salem and was - yesterday - one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. This was my first time out there as an adult, though when I was a but a young lad I stayed at the youth camp for a week several summers in a row.

We decided to park in the South Falls Lodge parking lot and hiked around the Canyon Trail, returning on the Rim Trail. We were out for about three and a half hours and probably hiked four or so miles. One thing I really liked about the trail is the access to waterfalls. The trail were were on actually passes under no fewer than three different waterfalls!

Man, I can't wait for summer so I can do it more!

One of the waterfalls at Silver Falls, viewed from the cave behind the waterfall.


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