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Trying again

Monday, October 23, 2006
So I did something of questionable wisdom this last weekend. I got another motorcycle.

I couldn't keep the Honda Ascot I picked up from my friend; as heartbreaking as it was I couldn't fix it enough to make it run safely and could find anyone to fix it (the place that I took it to that actually COULD work on it flat-out refused to.)

Of course y'all remember that I had to sell my Triumph Sprint ST to finance my business school adventure. The most perfect motorcycle on the planet and I hate to sell it.

However, an opportunity came up for me to purchase one from a good friend. She sold me a 2003 Kawasaki Ninja 500R (with only 1060 miles!) for a very good price. :)

This is a fun little bike. The engine's the same size as the one on the Ascot (though 20 years newer) so it's not a speed demon, but it'll get up and move if I need it to. Where the Ascot topped out around 70 MPH or so and my Triumph ran out of steam around 137 MPH or so (er... I've been told) this'll edge up in to triple digits with a long enough straightaway but is quite comfortable in town and at most freeway speeds. And since I mainly got it to commute on (when I need to) I think it'll work quite nicely. Since it's relatively new hopefully nothing will break that I can't fix (or some place will be willing to fix.)

Let's hope this try goes well!


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