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On the topic of ice cream

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Tonight a friend and I went to a local place where they served Tillamook ice cream. In a diet-destroying move, I ordered a scoop of "Root Beer Float" and a scoop of "Cinnamon".

Before I continue with this story, let it be known to both my readers that I'm not a terribly adverturesome fellow, especially not when it comes to food. My favorite flavor of all time is "French Vanilla", because there's a rich subtlety to the taste that I love. However, they didn't have any "French Vanilla", so I decided to step out of the comfortable and order two new flavors.

I loved them!

"Root Beer Float" tastes just like one, and "Cinnamon" has a delightfully thick texture and a mellow flavor that I enjoyed. Of course, I figure I now have to run 2342.2 miles to burn off all the calories. I mean, I've got the "live fast" and "die young" down, I'm still working on the "good looking corpse". Well, except for the corpse part. And I guess the dying young isn't for me, either.


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