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A great idea

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
I have a great idea. In order to really bolster our oil-dependent economy, let's stir up a crisis in the Middle East, where most of the world's oil comes from. What should we do? Let's invade a country, in order to set it free (and get rid of thier weapons of mass destruction, like nukular devices.) Of course, freedom comes from within, so let's establish a government that never does anything, and set the country on a crash course towards civil war while we find no evidence of "WMDs".

Step two in my great idea? Let's get involved in a nuclear crisis with the country next door to the one we invaded. I mean, heck, while we're there we could always 'liberate' them, too, right? It would be good for everyone involved. The locals get to shoot at some Marines, the hardline Muslims get to continue blaming it all on the Jews, we get a war economy going and the oil companies make big bucks when the price of crude shoots through the roof.

Everyone wins, right? Oh, wait...

[Editor's note (6/12/06): It's been pointed out that many Americans are too stupid to recognize irony so I'm forced to point out here that this is not a serious opinion.)


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