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Movie Review: Walk The Line

Saturday, March 11, 2006
We watched Walk The Line last night, which won Reese Witherspoon an Oscar for Best Actress and saw Joaquin Phoenix nominated as well.

Both stars give phenomenal performaces in the tale of Johnny Cash's drug-riddled rise to fame and (almost unhealthy) obsession with June Carter. Not only was the acting great but so was the singing; both stars sang their own parts and it's VERY good. Johnny Cash is represented as a man with a self-destructive streak as he tries to live up to the memory of his dead brother and June Carter as a woman who's open publicly but closed privately.

Watching the movie was hard as we see Johnny Cash spiral further and further downwards in a drug-induced hole as he obsesses more and more over June Carter. It tears his marriage apart, his life apart, and almost destroys his career. Finally, however, he hits bottom and through love and friendship cleans up and finds redemption.

Bottom line on Walk The Line: Rent it immediately; it's highly worth it.


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