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I have to agree on this one

Friday, March 10, 2006
In a rare mooment, I'm going to agree with the president. Reading this article on the Dubai ports deal and having listened to the stories on NPR, I'm going to have to say that congress is just being stupid at this point. (I know, what a shock.) Basically, after a huge congressional mess the company DP World is backing out of a plan to take over management of some US ports... basically because we think they might be terrrorists.

The president said the following:
"In order to win the war on terror, we've got to strengthen our relationships and friendships with moderate Arab countries in the Middle East," Bush told a meeting of the National Newspaper Association in Washington.

Now, I'm not sure I agree about the "winning the war on terror[ism]", but I can say with absolute assurance that the key to fostering LESS anti-American sentiment and oiling, as the say, the gears for our plans for world domination is to find fewer ways for the countries in the Middle East to hate us. Racism only hurts us in the long run. I mean, many of our ports are managed by foreign countries... does the fact that Dubai is in the Middle East mean it's evil? It not like our ports are going to be run by "Al Qaeda Enterprises"!


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