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Self Doubt

Thursday, February 23, 2006
He looks in the mirror and, for a moment,
between blinks
he sees something in his own eyes
a look; smoldering, penetrating, angry
and then it's gone
and his gaze is dull again.

He examines a childhood photo and, for a moment,
when he tries to look closer
he sees a child tormented
not happily shouting, but screaming at the world
and then it's gone
and he's playing soccer again.

He picks up the phone and, for a moment,
when the connection is being made
he hears the shouts and cries of his youth
fading away as he grows old
and then the line is quiet
and he says, "Hello".

He catches his reflection on a glass and, for a moment,
before he can look again
he sees a lonely, saddened man
back stooped with age, shuffling along
and then it's gone
and it's simply him, looking back.

He falls asleep at night and, for a moment,
before his alarm goes off
he's surrounded by his friends,
taunting him, mocking him, hating him
and then the buzzer sounds
and he wakes up and forgets.


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