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Power consumption

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Earlier this month, if my reader(s?) recall, I went to a Wine and Seafood event at the convention center. There was - hidden among the various booths filled with wine and seafood - a booth for PGE. I got to talking to them about my exhorbitant power bill ($100+ dollars a month in the winter!) and they gave me an idea about how to possibly save money given the inefficient base-board heating I have in my apartment.

Anyone who's been to my apartment knows that it is (pardon the phrase) stone fucking cold because power costs so much so I leave the thermometer pointed at around 55 degrees. The PGE guy said that I ought to try something new: try turning the heat off when I leave for work, cranking it up when I get home, and then turning it down (but not off) when I go to bed.

I'm giving it a shot now. We'll see what's going to happen. I can only say this: It's been REALLY cold lately when I get home from work and it doesn't exactly heat up quickly.


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