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The rough life

Friday, February 10, 2006
Imagine, if you will, spending an evening surrounded by a dozen and half of your friends and family, drinking fine wine, eating truffles hand-crafted on the spot, and listening to a world-class pianist fill the living room with his sound.

That was my Wednesday night.

Quite some time ago my parents and I attended, at the invitation of some good friends of ours, a charity auction for the Holt Adoption Agency. (They've got three wonderful children, two of which are adopted.) At this auction our friends and my parents cooperatively bid on an evening of music and chocolate and again on a couple cases of fine wine. The chocolate was to be made on-site by Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut and the music was to be played by Michael Allen Harrison.

What an evening!
I would like, at this point, to express my respect and admiration for both the pianist and the chocolatier for giving their time to charity. Helping children find a home is one of the greatest gifts to give the future, and they both do this regularly. It was an incredible show of generousity, but it was knowing that they give much more of themselves than I can conceive of that really made the evening. My hat is off to you. (Or it would be, if I ever wore a hat.)


Blogger Laura said...

ahh culture. I really miss oregon.

12:41 PM, February 10, 2006  

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