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Buy low, sell high

Saturday, February 04, 2006
So I'm finally getting around to selling some of my extra stuff on craigslist. I just sold (for $220) an old PowerMac G3 with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and laser printer to a nice geeky couple that was interested in Mac OS X. Good deal all around, because I need fewer things.

Next up: get rid of an HP inkjet printer, an HP inkjet printer/copier/fax, and more stuff. I'm feeling like consolidating, but I'll be honest, I'm not good at making a profit.

For instance, last year I bought new couches. The old ones were a 3-piece sectional and were the very definition of ghetto (see definition 1). Since I replaced them with a fairly decent set of couches, I put the old ones on craigslist for $15, but whoever bought them had to pick them up. I got a call from a nice lady with 5 kids who wanted them, and was willing to pick them up in her van. I agree. Two hours later her daughter calls because they ran out of gas on the freeway. I offer to give the couches to them for free if they just show up. An hour later they arrive and the lady's very nice but has deformed arms and can't lift anything; her twelve-year old daughter is responsible for helping me carry these out of my apartment. It turns out they won't fit in the van. I end up borrowing a friend's truck, putting $20 of gas in it, and taking the last piece of the sectional over there for them...

Here, take these couches for free and I'll pay to deliver them for you. What a deal!


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