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Another momentary gripe

Monday, January 09, 2006
So historically I've been a fan of Nero and their disc-burning software "Nero Burning Rom" (so clever, I love it!)

However, I had to work with the latest version this weekend: "Nero 7 Ultra Edition". What a fantastic piece of shit this software is.

First off, it didn't recognize the Philips DVD burner that was purchased with the Dell I was working on. No biggie, I'm sure there's a definition update to make it see the latest hardware....


Sure, their ftp site LISTS an update available from their FTP site. But the FTP site sure didn't seem to be available when I tried to use.

So I thought to myself "I'll just update to the latest version of the software" since the version installed was You know what? To update the software you have to completely remove one version, then install the latest version. (Both tasks involve a reboot.)


Nero used to be the best CD-burning software out there, in my opinion. Fast, easy-to-use, all that. Now the uninstaller defaults to German (despite my language settings), there's no built-in updater for out-of-date files, and the company's web site lists information that's intensely out-of-date.

A formerly satisfied user.


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