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Sunday, December 25, 2005
So I really enjoy the game of Scrabble, wherein players try to assemble random letters into words (and earn major points while doing so.) My vocabulary isn't particularly impressive, but the game itself is fun and challenging and makes me think.

Here are the four versions of the game that I play:
  1. The all-consonant version. This is where I only manage to draw consonants like "H", "R", and "J", without having any vowels. The challenge in this version is finding existing vowels to use.
  2. The all-vowel version of this game. This is the where I have three "I"s, and "O", two "U"S, and an "A". I then struggle (1 point at a time) to make ANY words with these using existing consonants. I end up with words like "are", "in", "to", "up", "axe", "ode", etc.
  3. The high-point version of this game, where I end up with high-point letters like "Q" (but without having a matching "U"), "Z" (but without having any vowels), or "W" and "J", which it's awefully hard to include in words longer than three letters.
  4. The myseterious perfect game, where I manage to make words 5 or 6 letters long (such as "unique" or "attend") and land them on the triple-word score. This version is rarely sighted and believed by the author to be a fairy-tale.


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