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Phoenix, AZ

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
I'm in Phoenix, AZ right now. It's sunny. That's nice.

I miss Portland. It was raining like a bastard when I left. But you know what? It smelled good and the tap water was drinkable. That's the first thing I notice whenever I travel somewhere... the smell. Most places people travel are hot. They don't have a lot of rain, so there's not much that cleans the particulates out of the air. Then there's the tap water. Portland has great tap water. The water in Phoenix sucks a lot.

Then, need I mention the fact that Phoenix is a sprawling metropolis in the middle of the FUCKING DESERT? Who comes along and says, "My, this is a nice desert. Let's build a city of millions here." I need to know!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

phoenix Arizona water is not only the worst water I have ever tasted but when you shower or bath it, I have talked to people who said there skin burns. That is what I experienced myself. Some people say it causes rashes and leaves there skin feeling real dry and itchy. My question then would be, What the hell is in this water.

3:14 AM, November 24, 2006  

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