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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
One of my personal flaws is that I try to practice graciousness (see definitions 1 & 2) when being let down. Instead of puting up a huge fight or making a big scene, I accept what happens and try to let the other person feel okay about themselves. People hurt me and I take it and try to be polite and compassionate about it. Yet, this favor is not returned to me. Essentially I take what I'm given (more or less) politely, yet others down always don't do the same to me.

What's wrong with me?


Blogger Laura said...

Quit being gracious and tell people to fuck off once in a while. It feels good.

9:53 PM, November 23, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if I've done this to you recently, I'd like to apologize. Otherwise, let's continue this whole, "rebirth of BURTON/MIKE" coolness. Capice?

3:47 AM, November 26, 2005  

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