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Dana Carvey @ Spirit Mountain

Saturday, May 17, 2008
I had a friend take me to see comedian Dana Carvey perform at the Spirit Mountain Casino last night. While fun, event as a whole was a lot more lame than it could have been.

Dana Carvey CAN be funny...

Let's start with "the good":
  1. Dana Carvey can be funny. I've enjoyed a bunch of his stuff, and he has a casual and funny air about him. He's clever, knows how to deliver a line, and can elicit a laugh from the audience.
Okay, so that list is pretty short. The next list, "the bad", is going to be pretty long:
  1. Spirit Mountain Casino kinda blows. This is going to get several entries on the list, but the first reason I noticed this was that they served alcohol near the event. Not at the event, mind you, but in a space roughly 40' x 20' outside. You could buy a drink (or get water) but no liquids at all were allowed inside the room, so you had to stand outside and drink whatever you got, and they had security guards keeping you in the little imaginary box while you did so.

  2. Dana Carvey's material seems... dated. Like a lot of stuff that used to be funny but just lost its relevance, some of his stuff seemed to "miss".

  3. Did I mention that Spirit Mountain blows? Seriously, after being liquid-free (including water) for an hour and a half, we tried to go to the bar to get a drink. Oh, too bad... that was full, and they had a guy outside letting us know. We could go pay $30/plate for dinner (we'd already eaten) if we wanted to get a plate in the dining area, but the bar was full for quite a while.

  4. Spirit Mountain, being a casino, reminds me of why I don't go to casinos very often. Just a lot of video slots machines. Nobody looked like they were having any fun, and I can assure you that I wasn't either. I tried playing video poker for a bit, but it's just wildly unsatisfying. Perhaps if I'd been able to find a blackjack table...
In the end, I had fun, yes. But I also ended up driving about 45 minutes into the middle of nowhere to go to a crappy casino and watch a comedian from my youth give a performance under bizarre conditions. If I want to see a comedian, next time I'll just go up to Harvey's Comedy Club which is set up so that people have fun and also has the benefit of being in Portland. If I wanted to go to Spirit Mountain again, I'd just head for the buffet.


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