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Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas to what few readers I might have accumulated. (This is my second Christmas writing publicly on the internet!) It's this time every year that we get to sit back, enjoy a day off work, and reflect on the "meaning of Christmas."

What is that meaning? It's not "buy now". It's not even "buy now, pay later." In fact, it's nowhere to be found in the rampant commercialism that plagues our holiday.

It's a simple message, really, that's been passed along for over 2000 years now, and it goes something like this: "Love your neighbor, and please stop killing each other." Really, it's not that hard to comprehend but it's apparently harder than it seems.

And yet the message is so simple it seems to logically transcend any one religion. "Be nice to each other" seems to have roots in almost every major religion around the world. Why, then, do we have such a hard time doing it?


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